Oldang  Produces, smart, clean, cheap, safe and comfortable solar electric powered Vehicles to solve the challenges relating to short distance commuting in Africa.
We partner with investors and stakeholders in the transport sector to make this green vehicles solutions work in Africa
Oldang Solar electric vehicles are:
  •  Noiseless: Oldang solar powered car is exceptionally quiet and runs noiselessly, thereby, cutting the noise pollution that comes complimentary with fuel-driven cars.
  • Longer life span: A Oldang solar electric vehicles can easily last decades without any expensive regular upkeep.
  • Low maintenance: Oldang solar electric vehicles are specially designed to be low maintenance and can be easily maintained to last years with general cleaning of the solar panels.
  • Eco-friendly: One of the most significant benefits of a solar powered vehicle is that it is highly nature-friendly. Solar powered automobiles produce a negligible amount of greenhouse gasses that are responsible for the depletion of the protective ozone layer.
  • Renewable and infinite source of energy: The sun is one of the biggest renewable sources of energy and running solar powered vehicles does not require any natural resources that are on the verge of extinction

Electric Vehicle is not only a sector that is developing more and more dynamically around the world, but also a trend that is the result of increased public awareness. The importance of electrified transport is evidenced by the ever-burgeoning range of electric car models offered by automotive companies, the popularity of electric cars among customers, and the legal changes that promote more environmentally friendly solutions.
Similar legislative solutions have been implemented in many countries of Europe and the world as a way to challenge air pollution and noise, which negatively affect the health and comfort of life of urban residents.

Nigeria is entering the era of the electromobility revolution, and the expected change in the automotive market might rapidly progress. The transformation of the automotive market is inevitable. At present, a market challenge for standards, solutions and the division of emerging market is taking place. It is important that Polish companies and Polish economy should benefit from this unique opportunity that is offered by electric motorization.

Our Mission 
Providing smart, clean, cheap, safe and comfortable transport solutions to short distance commuting in Nigeria.